Get to Know Us

Brittany Schweiger


Hometown: St. Clair, MI

Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? This year, I hope to show my fellow colleagues what ASDA fever is all about. It is my goal to provide them with events to get to better know one another along with preparing them for their future careers as dentists. I want to bring UDM students together to show them the benefits of organized dentistry with not only our sponsors, but also other dental students throughout the country. I forsee a fun, yet educational year ahead with ASDA fever at an ultimate high!

Favorite Restaurant in Detroit? Bakersfield 

Dane Krauzowicz

Vice President

Hometown: Blissfield, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan


What are your goals for ASDA? By working with a talented group of executive board members, I hope to encourage chapter growth through boosting student engagement, to strengthen our chapter’s ties with other schools, our sponsors and the Detroit community, to increase student awareness about the financial and academic benefits to being an ASDA member, and to inspire our chapter’s members to become more passionate about organized dentistry. My goals for Detroit Mercy’s ASDA chapter are to foster an incredible student life culture for each and every Detroit Mercy ASDA member, to help create a memorable dental school experience for our student body, and to keep the ASDA fever sky high!

Favourite restaurant in Detroit:  Slows Bar BQ

Shivani Patel


Hometown: Shelby Twp, MI


Undergrad: University of Michigan


What are your goals for ASDA? My goal is to help keep ASDA more organized and help chair members with their projects and events.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Bakersfield

Devan Schulert


Hometown: Kingsville, ON


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? To get more people involved with ASDA events at UDM dental and to network with other dental students


Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Too many to choose from in Detroit

Taj Kooner

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Canton, MI


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? My goals for ASDA include; coordinate more social and fundraising events, have more lunch and learns during the school year and include topics that are of interest for the students. I want every student, incoming and current, to really want to become more active in ASDA. This organization has positively impacted my dental school experience and I want everyone at UDM to appreciate it as much as I do.


Favorite restuarant in Detroit: Granite City Food and Brewery

Benjamin Kruman 

Wellness Chair

Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI


Undergrad: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


What are your goals for ASDA? I want to help people create a balanced lifestyle full of health and wellness. I believe in the connection between the mind-body-soul and that if we take care of ourselves we can become better practitioners.


Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Takoi

Hannah Collison

Outreach Chair

Hometown: Saginaw, MI


Undergrad: Central Michigan University (Fire up!)


What are your goals for ASDA? My goal for ASDA outreach is to create events that are engaging for communities and stimulating for students. I want students to be enthusiastic about contributing to our Detroit presence.


Favorite Restaurant in Detroit? Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine

Navpreet Brar

Social Media Chair

Hometown: Edmonton, Canada


Undergrad: University of Alberta


What are your goals for ASDA? My goal is to keep students informed, engaged, and excited about all ways in which ASDA makes our dental school experience so much fun. Social media provides the chance to connect with students, while also allowing them to connect with us. I want to provide a platform that seeks to educate students about the importance of ASDA and the ways in which they can become involved in all the wonderful events and opportunities that it provides.


Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Chik Fil-A

Bilal Zahoor

Electronic Communications

Hometown: Novi, MI

Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy

What are your goals for ASDA? My goal is to capture and promote all the wonderful things Detroit Mercy ASDA has to offer!

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Nikki's Pizza

Joe Spyrka

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Northville, MI

Undergrad: Michigan State

What are your goals for ASDA? My main goal for ASDA is to continue to grow our student participation in chapter events. This organization has helped grow my knowledge of different aspects of dentistry outside of the clinic and classroom and I hope to help others have that same experience.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Pegasus

Mayank Kaushal 

Print Communications

Hometown: Brampton, ON

Undergrad: Western University

What are your goals for ASDA? Maximize student involvement. Participating in events through Asda is a great tool to be successful in dental school academically, socially and overall have a great time during your time as a dental school student and beyond.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Ottava Via/ Taco Bell

Kristen Doxen

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Clinton Twp, MI

Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy

What are your goals for ASDA? My main goal with ASDA is to be able to show the students of our chapter the parts of dentistry that are not covered in dental school. This organization has given me a lot of knowledge about the real world of the profession that I feel will better equip me when I graduate, and I want the same for my fellow students. Also, another goal of mine is to provide events for the school that are fun and alleviate the stress of the rigorous schedule that we take on.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Hopcat

William Mathers 

Legislative Liaison

Hometown: South Lyon, MI


Undergrad : University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? My main goal with legislative is to inform dental students on what is going on politically with the profession of dentistry and how they can take action to impact the future. Whether students decide to take action by joining me and other students at lobby day on the state or national level, or just staying knowledgeable with current issues.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Leo's Coney Island

Jessica De Rose

Gold Crown Chair

Hometown: Windsor, Canada


What are your goals for ASDA? I would love for our ASDA chapter to take home another Gold Crown Award this year!

Favorite restaurant in Detroit:

Pallavi Patodia

Fundraising Chair

Hometown: Sarnia, Canada


Undergrad: Western University


What are your goals for ASDA? My goal for ASDA is to fundraise for the chapter to allow more opportunities for Detroit Mercy Dental students to get involved and catch the ASDA fever. I want to be able to send as many members as possible to ASDA’s national conferences where they can grow their leadership skills and help better our chapter. I also want to make fundraising enjoyable and organize fun events that not only raise money for our chapter but bring together the Detroit Mercy Dental student body as a whole.


Favorite restuarant in Detroit? Ottava Via

Max Nascimento

Pre-Dental Chair

Hometown: Harrow, Ontario, Canada

Undergrad: University of Windsor

What are your goals for ASDA? My goal for ASDA is to engage the Pre-dental students and provide them with more resources to learn about the application process. I want to be able to give them any advice myself as well as any other dental students have to make their life easier! I also want them to experience what dental school is like and to give them a taste of their future through shadow days and workshops!

Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Wright and Co.

Ashna Rao

Mission Trip Chair

Hometown: Novi, MI

Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? My goals for ASDA are to try and get more students from our school involved because it is such an awesome experience and organization! I would also like to try and get more students involved in fundraising for the mission trip this upcoming year so that we can bring as many students as possible. There is nothing like an opportunity to participate in a mission trip and I am super excited to be planning this years trip!


Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Takoi