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Max Nascimento


Hometown: Harrow, ON, Canada

Undergrad: University of Windsor


What are your goals for ASDA? I am hoping to increase student engagement within our ASDA chapter and demonstrate the learning and enjoyment that we bring to the table. I want to continue to show the benefits of organized dentistry and help our students in becoming knowledgeable and well trained dentists! It is definitely important this year to maintain the ASDA fever and have the best year possible!

Favorite Restaurant in Detroit?  Wright and Co

Mayank Kaushal

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Brampton, Ontario

Undergrad: Western University

What are your goals for ASDA?  With the current situation, planning events for this upcoming year of dental school will be challenging, but I hope we can all use our creativity to make this the best experience possible for the incoming and current students. Especially keeping the incoming students in mind, having the opportunity to network and meet like-minded peers is a huge part of what Detroit Mercy ASDA stands for, so I want to do my best to work alongside the events chairs, the rest of the board and committee members to make that possible for them. 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Taco Bell

Ila Sayed

Legislative Liaison

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy

What are your goals for ASDA? My goals for this year are to get members more involved in the legislative aspect of the dental profession and use their own voices to implement change whether on a community, local, or national level. With all the changes that have come about from the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to effectively bring to light how current legislative orders have impacted the future of dental professionals and dental students.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Leila

Julia Mastracci

Mission Trip & Gold Crown

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Undergrad: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

What are your goals for ASDA? My goals for ASDA are to engage the incoming classes and keep the ASDA fever burning. As Gold Crown Chair, I have the honor to highlight every effort and all the progress that ASDA has accomplished within a year. Through that, I have learned that there are limitless ways to get involved in our organization. Whether it be attending a conference, volunteering, writing for our newsletter, or practicing yoga -- my hope is that everyone can find their place at Detroit Mercy Dental through ASDA. 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit:  Ottova Via

Charandeep Ghotra

Fundraising Chair

Hometown: Hamilton/Ontario - Bay City/Michigan


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy

What are your goals for ASDA? My goal for ASDA is to get as many students involved with ASDA as I can. Fellow dental students should learn about the different events we go to and the amount of experience we gain. Furthermore, as fundraising chair, I want to create fundraisers throughout the school year for all students and faculty to be involved in and gain knowledge about ASDA. 


Favorite restuarant in Detroit?  Prime and Proper

Sydney Kerre

Pre-Dental Chair

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Undergrad: Michigan State University

What are your goals for ASDA? My goals for ASDA are to create a space for Pre-Dental students to gain important insight into the dental school application process and to have a place on social media to ask questions. I hope they can have a look into the life of a dental student before making the big commitment to apply. In the process I hope to also get them to join ASDA!

Favorite restaurant in Detroit?  Flowers of Vietnam

Benjamin Kruman 

Wellness Chair

Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI


Undergrad: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


What are your goals for ASDA? I want to help people create a balanced lifestyle full of health and wellness. I believe in the connection between the mind-body-soul and that if we take care of ourselves we can become better practitioners.


Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Takoi

Lauren Young

Outreach Chair

Hometown: Towson, MD


Undergrad: Loyola University Maryland


What are your goals for ASDA? I’d really like to help increase student engagement in ASDA as a whole at UDM, and more specifically in outreach. Outreach is a great way to help out community members that will one day become our patients. It’s such a rewarding experience getting to help out the community in any way possible, and I’d love to share that with my classmates/colleagues!


Favorite Restaurant in Detroit? Sweetwater Tavern for their wings!

Rene Consuegra

Social Media Chair

Hometown: Miami, FL


Undergrad:  Florida International University


What are your goals for ASDA? I would like to engage all the members to create more content and share it with me in order to have an active account with a unique style. Also, it is crucial to share different information and ideas that do not only cover ASDA scope. I think with a wide range of options we could reach not only students but also professionals around the world and increase our media platforms. Main goal is to catch the attention of all students around the USA but also the general public who might be interested in our society.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit? Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine 

Jason Won

Electronic Communications

Hometown: Troy, MI

Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy

What are your goals for ASDA? I want to promote Detroit Mercy Dental School’s ASDA to new students, other dental schools, and anyone who is interested in ASDA. I hope to catch people’s attention and increase involvement from the upcoming class. I want to show that people can have fun in dental school and show what our ASDA is about! 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: San Morello

Jimmy Nguyen

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Arlington, Texas

Undergrad: University of Texas at Arlington

What are your goals for ASDA? Due to the unique situation of the pandemic, having social events and gathering will be challenging. However, my goal is to work together with this year’s ASDA e-board to create interactive virtual events to bring together dental students at Detroit Mercy as we all look to survive and make this upcoming school year a little more bearable as we continue remote learning. 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: PegasusRocco’s Italian Deli

Sandy Wang

Print Communications

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA

Undergrad: UC San Diego

What are your goals for ASDA? Part of my duty is to publish our school newsletter, “The Pontic.” My goal is to deliver a newsletter that grabs your attention so you will actually pick it up and read one of the editions before you graduate! And to share stories from our student body/faculty like their favorite Netflix show or recipe. And to provide a platform for students who want to voice their opinion and stance, especially with the climate nowadays. There are many issues and topics to be shared and I hope to deliver that all! 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Bread Basket Deli. Juicy, tender, savory and stacked high, corn beef sandwiches that don’t dissappoint. 

Rita Benjamin


Hometown: Troy, MI


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? Considering the current situation we are in, my hopes are that ASDA can find a way to keep everyone feeling like a community. Making sure we can stay connected despite the distance is important when we have such busy schedules to consider. 

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Takoi

Navpreet Brar

Events Co-Chair

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta


Undergrad: University of Alberta


What are your goals for ASDA?  We’re left in a unique position due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year. With social distancing protocols, and health and safety concerns, it’s much more difficult to provide the same opportunities for events and activities as previous years. My hope is that we can come together and create memorable experiences and moments for the students, despite these challenges that we face. 


Favorite restuarant in Detroit: Chick-fil-A

Devan Schulert


Hometown: Kingsville, ON


Undergrad: University of Detroit Mercy


What are your goals for ASDA? I hope in the coming year to provide new opportunities and events to the students of Detroit Mercy Dental. Also, increasing student engagement in Detroit Mercy ASDA. 


Favorite restaurant in Detroit: 

Joe Spyrka

Vice President

Hometown: Northville, MI

Undergrad: Michigan State University


What are your goals for ASDA? I hope in the coming year we are able to branch out of our normal comfort zone and bring new events and opportunities to our Detroit Mercy ASDA family.  With the current circumstances being what they are, I hope we are able to increase student participation with more online content, as well as keeping our social platform growing.

Favorite restaurant in Detroit: Pegasus

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