Dental Therapists: Distraction to a Solution

31% of Michiganders on Medicaid did not see a dentist in 2012. Two years later in 2014, 41% of Michiganders aged 25-34 never saw a dentist that year. Why are so many people not being seen by a dentist? Is it due to the lack of access to the under-served? Are there not enough dentists in certain areas of Michigan? Or is it simply because people do not see their oral health as important? Senate Bill 541 was introduced to Michigan last year to add a mid-level provider to the dental community in order to approach the needs of the under-served community. This bill was thought to open doors for patients on Medicaid while also providing more dental providers in areas of Michigan that have the large

Managing Stress

Stress comes from the north, south, east, and west. Stress doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care about how nice someone may dress or the car they drive nor their residence. It loves to come around and swim in our minds and stay afloat, and this is especially true for us dental students. We try to avoid it but it’s in the nature of the rigorous education we endure to make sure we have an intimate connection with it. How to escape it one may ask? Well since stress floats around in the mind, I tend to drown it and watch it sink to the bottom through music. The stress tries to swim back to the top, and I add in a new song at a louder volume and gaze in awe. Music is what keeps me sane and helps